Memorable Photos of Ivanka Trump Looking Flawless

Ivanka Trump

If you have not heard the name Ivanka Trump before, now is a good time to get familiar with the American president’s beautiful daughter. The former model is a mother, wife, a business woman, an author and a reality star. She is the ultimate American Dream, and she is only 35 years old! With a striking resemblance to Her mother, Ivana, the Czech roots are definitely shown on her which makes her even more visually intriguing. Top that with all of her life accomplishments and you cannot but be a bit jealous of her. I know I am. Ivanka loves to share special moments from her life with the world on social media, giving us sneak peeks to her professional and personal life. Whether she is working on new designs for her fashion line, making dinner for her kids or appearing in politic events, Ivanka always looks like pure perfection. Here are some photos in which you can have a taste of a true American beauty.

The Little Black Dress

ivanka trump Instagram/dailyivanka

Before joining the family business, Ivanka was a fashion model, which does not surprise me at all. Have you seen her? That skin, that hair, she is built like a goddess, and she shines like a star with jewelry from her own collection and a simple, flattering black dress. She could wear a garbage bag and still look flawless if you ask me. By the way, did you know she is 5’11”? No wonder she is holding her heels and not wearing them…


Porcelain Doll

ivanka trump Instagram/ellemanvietnam

Doesn’t she look like one in this photo? Her skin is immaculate. Who else could wear a nude-blush dress with an ivory skin and look so vibrant and healthy? This is simply unfair. She has got it all!¬† Sexy, but not provocative, powerful but feminine. With that piercing look in her hazel colored eyes, Ivanka Trump looks like she is going to spread a pair of butterfly wings and take on the world.