Honeymoon Help: How to Put the Honey in Your Honeymoon

Recently, I wrote an article on engagement rings, and also an article on vacations – in this article, I will be discussing a topic that is a good follow-up to both other topics: Honeymoons. No matter what your wedding looked like – how perfect (or imperfect) it was, you can always add to it or make up for it with the honeymoon.


There’s no better way to celebrate your choice to symbolize your lifetime commitment to your partner than a lavish, luxurious getaway where you can let your desires run wild. Here, we will discuss some popular destinations for honeymooners both on a budget and living their dreams.

The first question you are likely asking yourself is “Where should I go?” Well, that’s an awful lot like asking what flavor of Blizzard you should try at Dairy Queen. There is no definite answer that fits everyone’s tastes. Maybe you like the hottest beaches. Maybe you like a cold swim. Perhaps you want to go on a Safari. No matter what your preference, the most important part is that you both agree, and that you both agree that it isn’t about the destination – it’s about spending time together. Here, I will provide a list of several destinations for the rich and also for those who have to count their dimes and nickels. So get ready. Here comes the info you’ve all been waiting for:

  • Mexico: This is an extremely popular destination. Whether your honeymoon falls on a wild spring break and you choose Cancun, or you are following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson and Adam Brody, who both spent their honeymoons in Riviera Nayarit, there is almost certainly a destination for you here. The beaches are warm, and the nightlife is superb.