Dog Saves Baby from Kidnappers: Top Dog Loyalty Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

There are incredible examples of the loyalty dogs have shown to their human and animal friends. Dogs are naturally loving and affectionate creatures. Their instinct is to bond with others, whether dogs, humans or other animals. They will fight to protect those they love.

Dog Saves Baby from Kidnappers and other loyalty stories

The Grieving Labrador Retriever

Owner: Fallen Navy Seal Jon Tumilson.
Loyal Dog: Hawkeye – Labardor Retriever
Showing his love: Not a single dry eye in the room when Hawkeye laid next to his owner for the very last time.

Hawkeye laid next to his owner for the last time.

Over 1,500 mourners came to pay respect for Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson in August 2011. Among them was his four legged friend, a grieving labrador retriever, Hawkeye, who paved his way to the front of the room and laid down next to his owner’s casket, showing his loyalty until the end.

This story really shows the true love and loyalty of a dog to his owner.