Can’t-Miss Gifts for the Man in Your Life

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas, and what better present to give a loved one than a flashlight? Not only is it a practical gift, but one day it could get them out of a very sticky situation or even save their life.

The TC1200 Flashlight

If the man in your love is outdoorsy with a flare for hi-tech gadgets he is surely to love the Tactical TC1200.  Whether it’s providing the illumination to change a blown tire by the side of the road, fending off a would-be attacker, or simply lighting up a keyhole in a dark door, the TC1200 is your best bet!

Made from aircraft grade aluminum the TC1200 is light weight yet extremely tough. It features 5 modes of high, medium, low, SOS and Strobe. The lamp is durable and designed for 100,000 life hours. It has 5 different telescoping focuses and its beveled edge is designed for self defense. Reaching up to 2 miles the TC1200 is the most powerful LED flashlight available today.

The HL1200 Head Lamp

If your guy likes to use both his hands while he works, then the HL 1200 Head Lamp is perfect for him. Not only does it use an LED light, it is rechargeable and extremely powerful. This is the perfect gear for any mechanical work, hiking, climbing or seeing your way through a disaster situation.

The headlamp is made out of aircraft grade aluminum for best durability and strength that is combined with ultra light weight. It also features a 3 way adjustable headband, a rubber covered battery box to protect from water and humidity, and ultra bright lumen bulb, 3 light modes (strong, medium and high), 1x – 200x zooms, rotating lamp.

The TAC1 Pen Flashlight and Self Defense Knife

If your guys is the boardroom type with a touch of outdoors who loves sports, then get him the TacPen. This revolutionary pen features a high power flashlight that fits in his suit pocket. The Tacpen’s true value is its protection features that include a tungsten steel glass break tip as well as a removable steel blade. This elegant boardroom pen is as effective for writing as it is in the field.